Cyber Liability Insurance Augusta Ga

Augusta Ga Cyber Liability Insurance – Arm Yourself With a Cyber Liability Policy!

Cyber Liability Insurance Augusta Ga

Is your company protected in the event of a data breach or hacking attack?

If not, arm your business with an Augusta Ga Cyber Liability Insurance Policy!

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Cyber Liability Insurance Augusta Ga – Recap of Our Previous Article

In the previous entry into our continuing series about the origins of notorious international hacker Crypto X, we continued to explain how he managed to pull off such an elaborate ruse to convince Olga that he is nothing more than a harmless koala bear fanatic who runs a website for koala enthusiasts.

We explained how all those boxes of koala merchandise wound up in his apartment and how he put those boxes of stuffed koala toys to use in order to help sell the lie to Olga.

The question we left you with is this: how did Crypto X convince Olga that he runs the world’s leading website for koala fans?

Let’s find out.

Augusta Ga Cyber Liability Coverage – Who Is Crypto X? Part 28

As Olga entered the building, Crypto X knew he had to act fast. Fortunately for him, he is used to working quickly under time pressure.

A quick search online revealed the most trafficked websites about koalas. He was specifically looking for a website that was fairly popular but is also owned and operated by amateurs.

Experience has shown him that it is much easier to breach the security measures in place for a website run by hobbyists than it is to break through the security measures in place for a website owned by a major company.

Sparing no time, he immediately began attacking the website for vulnerabilities, using a few tried and true methods and some favorite software programs designed to help him perform his hacks.

After the first method failed, he glanced nervously at one of his security cameras to see where Olga was for an estimate how much time he had before she made it to his room. By this point, she had entered the building and was making her way to the elevator.

Knowing he only had a couple minutes before she would be at his apartment door, he launched into another method of breaking into the website.

Using a software program to help him uncover the username the site owners use to log into the website, and another piece of software designed to generate password entries, he was able to successfully log into the administrator account.

If the website owners had a longer and more complex password, this method would have taken much longer. Clearly, though, they did not use a very difficult password.

He was in.

He looked at the camera again and saw that she was riding the elevator.

Now that he was able to take control of the website, what did he do next? Find out in Part 29.

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