Educators Legal Liability Coverage Florida

Educators Legal Liability Coverage Florida – Why This Coverage Is Important! 

Educators Legal Liability Coverage Florida - green chalkboard with graphs and equationsDid you know your School’s General Liability Insurance Policy will not cover lawsuits against officers and directors, staff, faculty members, employees, volunteers, and student or substitute teachers due to wrongful termination, wrongful dismissal, failure to grant tenure, or negligent counseling? 

Only Educators Legal Liability Coverage will extend the coverage needed to protect against the above mentioned claims or lawsuits. 

As an administrator for a Charter or Private School you may recognize the need for this unique coverage to protect your staff from such claims or lawsuits. 

Strong Tower Insurance offers Educators Legal Liability Coverage in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

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Let’s consider Part 2 of a Fictional Claims Scenario to see how coverage may or may not apply. 

To read Part 1 click on: Insurance for Private Schools Florida. 

Educators Legal Liability Coverage Florida – Why Necessary? 

In part 1 we learned how Mrs. Helen Smith was passed over for the principal job at her school in favor of Mr. Stanley Jones, and litigation promptly ensued. 

Helen is suing the Charter School under Title IX for discrimination based on her gender. 

Mrs. Smith alleges that the school overlooked her application to become the school’s new principal for Mr. Jones, a less-qualified male applicant because he is male, or because she is female. 

The school’s official statement on their hiring decision is that Mr. Jones has an impeccable track record as principal at his former school, demonstrating an uncanny ability to improve the school’s standards and achievement in a short amount of time and previously served as a principal at another fine school whereas Helen Smith had no such experience as a principal. 

Mrs. Smith bases her claim of gender discrimination on alleged sexist remarks made by faculty and administrators, but is ultimately unable to produce strong evidence of any such statements. 

In the end the school wins, but not before incurring over $100,000 in defense costs. 

When the lawsuit was filed, the board immediately advised their insurance agent about the pending lawsuit. A claim was filed and a claims adjuster assigned to investigate.

Was this claim ultimately rejected by their insurer? 

Yes and no. The charter schools General Liability Insurance would extend no benefit for this claim. However the administrators had the foresight to purchase something called Educators Legal Liability Insurance. 

Educators Legal Liability Insurance is designed for just this type of situation. The school board was happy to know that not only would their insurer provide legal counsel, but they would pay for any judgments up to $10 million.

In the case of the litigation by Helen Smith the defense cost of $110,000 was completely paid by the schools insurer.

Florida Educators Legal Liability Insurance Coverage — A Necessary Coverage for Your School. 

Florida Educators Legal Liability Insurance Coverage should be included in your overall insurance protection for the above illustrated reason by means of our fictitious claim scenario. 

In the event Ms. Smith would have won her lawsuit, the judgment could have been millions! 

Unfortunately justice is not always served properly by sympathetic juries. 

Why not call Strong Tower Insurance today for a free coverage analysis?  We are a leader in providing comprehensive insurance solutions for both Private and Charter Schools in the state of Florida. 

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