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Church Insurance Winter Haven Florida — Is This Covered by My Insurance? Part 4

In the first few parts of Is This Covered by My Insurance we met XYZ Ministries, a popular New Age Christian congregation with thousands of members.

XYZ became the victims of a Russian hacker named Crypto X, who managed to steal scads of confidential information and $350,000 in church funds alone, not counting money stolen from members.

By the time XYZ Ministries found out about the theft the damage had already been done. Their only recourse was to seek reimbursement.

Upon finding that the bank could not help them, the ministry turned to their insurance company, hoping their situation would be covered by their business insurance policy.

The insurance agent explained that what the hacker had done is called Computer Fraud.

So, is Computer Fraud covered by XYZ Ministries’ standard business insurance policy?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

The agent explains that a standard business policy does not provide coverage for Electronic Theft, Social Engineering Fraud, Telecommunications Fraud, or Computer Fraud. To receive coverage for these types of events, a special endorsement is required.

Church Insurance Winter Haven Florida — An Important Endorsement!

A specific Crime Endorsement can be obtained that will cover losses sustained due to Electronic Theft, Computer Fraud, and Telecommunications Fraud. An endorsement is also available to add coverage for Social Engineering Fraud.

In one policy, the endorsement reads as follows:

INSURING MODULE 9: (ELECTRONIC THEFT, COMPUTER FRAUD AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS FRAUD) We shall indemnify you for your monetary loss that exceeds your deductible as stated within item 4 of the Declarations sustained from electronic theft , computer fraud, or telecommunications fraud, which occurs on your computer network and arises from a security event sustained by you and notified by you to us in writing, in accordance with Section XI of this policy, during the policy period or any extended reporting period, if applicable, provided that such event(s) occurred on or after the retroactive date.

Because XYZ Ministries decided not to purchase this endorsement when they set up their business insurance policy, they are unfortunately not covered for the catastrophic loss they suffered at the hands of Crypto X.

However the financial loss does not end with what was stolen from XYZ Ministries’ business accounts. Their financial loss will deepen, which we will consider in our next article.

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