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Church Insurance Tampa Florida — Is This Covered by My Insurance?

Our mission is not only to help you find the coverage you need to protect your Religious Institution but to share important information to help you choose your coverage wisely.

We like to use claim scenarios as an education tool to highlight how coverage may or may not apply.

We will consider a fictitious Church and claim scenario based on a growing threat:

  • Cyber Attacks, Hacking & Fraudulent Impersonation

The following claims scenario could happen to any religious institution.

Claim Scenario:  XYZ Ministries is a wildly popular New Age Christian Congregation reaching out to millennial’s with more than 8000 members and growing. (Half are online congregation members)

They have set up in-house computer servers to administer donations and tithes by means of volunteer workers who have some experience in IT work.

Additionally they have a full-time staff and one accountant named Joshua who oversees all finances.

The volunteer IT workers set up a portal to allow congregation members to use a number of different methods to contribute financially to XYZ Ministries.

Crypto X is a master hacker operating out of Russia and he found a very easy target to focus on in the United States, Churches.

Crypto X researches a number of different Churches in Florida and focuses his attention on XYZ Ministries.  Crypto X discovers an easy to exploit entryway into the XYZ Ministry server and within a matter of minutes he has access to all files on their server and to his absolute delight he quickly figures out the password to their accounting software.

Additionally Crypto X finds an unsecured file that includes the names and personal details of all personnel including volunteers and paid staff working for XYZ Ministries.

Crypto X easily learns who has authorization on the checking accounts including their names and all personal information including social security numbers; dates of birth — essentially everything he needs to pull off an electronic heist.

As a bonus the Church kept a detailed list of all members and donations including checking,    credit and debit card numbers of all members and a record of their individual contributions.

Crypto X analyzes XYZ Ministries pattern of expenditures, he then sets up accounts that he controls using the names of employees working for the church, and he begins making withdrawals over a period of three weeks from the XYZ Ministry bank accounts in a way that would not be quickly discerned.

All told $350,000 had been transferred to accounts Crypto X had set up for XYZ Ministries before the theft was detected and the Churches accounts were frozen to prevent further loss.

Soon after that members of XYZ Ministries began to notice that fraudulent charges begin to appear on their credit and debit cards.  Crypto X pocketed more than $825,000 from his hacking attack on XYZ Ministries.

We will learn what happens next in part 2 of “Is this covered by my insurance” in our next post.

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