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Church Insurance Pensacola Florida – Is This Covered by My Insurance? Part 5 

You may recall from part 1 of our series titled “Is This Covered By My Insurance?” that a hacker who goes by the moniker Crypto X stole a large amount of private digital information that belonged to XYZ Ministries parishioners and staff. 

The stolen data not only resulted in $350,000 in stolen funds from Church accounts, but now members’ identities have been stolen as well. 

On a Tuesday afternoon at around 2 PM lawsuit papers were filed against XYZ Ministries by Sandra Willard, now a former member of XYZ Ministries. 

Why is Sandra suing the Church? 

It so happened Sandra was in the process of purchasing a new home. She and her husband Craig have a child with another one on the way and have outgrown their current residence they purchased eight years ago. 

Before starting their search for a new home six months ago they obtained a pre-approval. With a FICO credit score of 767 for Sandra and 741 for her husband, they would easily qualify for the lowest interest rates available. 

They found their new dream home, made an offer, it was accepted, and they called their lender to start the loan process. 

The loan officer, a guy by the name of Steve Thomas, needed to rerun their credit. When the FICO scores came back a few moments later, Sandra’s score was 582 and Craig’s score was 577, with multiple late pays, collections, and high credit balance limits reported. 

Steve could not believe Sandra and Craig had been so irresponsible. He did not call Sandra back right away, trying to think of how to break the news that they will not qualify for a loan. 

After a few hours Sandra wondered why Steve had not called back so she placed a call and left a message on his voicemail. 

Steve returned Sandra’s call about 30 minutes later. 

“Sandra I’ve got some very bad news, it does not look like your credit score would be acceptable to any of our lenders.” 

In a bit of a shock Sandra asked: “What do you mean, Steve? My credit score should be over 750. 750 is not good enough?”

“Well it looks like your credit score has dropped significantly below 750.” Steve replies. 

“What is it? Craig and I haven’t taken any out any loans so how could it have dropped?” 

“Well, to be truthful, Sandra, your credit score is 582 and Craig’s score is 577. Unfortunately you need at least a 650 credit score to qualify for a loan. I’m really sorry but we are not going to be able to help you.” 

“I don’t understand how my credit score could’ve dropped so much! Why did it drop?” 

“Well, according to what I’m looking at, there are 14 credit accounts overdue and in the process of collection and at least 50 different late payments over the last three months, so that’s why your credit score has taken a hit.” 

Sandra hangs up the phone after saying goodbye to Steve and calls Craig to let him know the bad news. They lose the opportunity to purchase their dream home and eventually Sandra and Craig learn their identity had been stolen, leading to the precipitous drop in the FICO credit score. 

Wow. What a terrible situation for Sandra and Craig. Unfortunately, identity theft is something that can impact anyone. 

In our next article we will learn whether or not XYZ Ministries’ business insurance policy will cover this lawsuit.

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