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Church Insurance Kissimmee Florida – Is This Covered by My Insurance? Part 6 

In our previous article that you can read by clicking Pensacola Florida Church Insurance, we learned that Sandra and Craig, in the process of buying their dream home, were declined for a home loan due to their low credit score. Less than six months previously they had stellar credit, but now their credit score is in the basement. 

After consulting a second time with Steve Thomas, the loan officer from whom they were trying to obtain financing on their dream home, it suddenly occurred to Steve that Sandra and Craig had become the victims of identity theft. 

Someone out West impersonating both Sandra and Craig had opened up a large number of credit cards and cash loans in their names, mainly because of their previous excellent credit. 

Naturally the payments were not being made on the loans made by the fraudsters, hence Sandra and Craig’s significant credit score drop. 

Sandra and Craig ask Steve if they can get an exception for the loan as obviously these other loans are fraudulent.

Unfortunately he cannot obtain an exception, so while Steve sympathizes with the couple, there isn’t anything that they can do to qualify for this loan until their credit score improves. 

Sandra asks Steve, “Who can help us with this? These loans and charges on credit cards are not ours.” 

Steve replies, “I’ve seen this a few times. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to hire an attorney that is trained in credit repair.” 

That’s exactly what Sandra and Craig do. 

The attorney hired by Sandra and Craig discovers a connection between something that happened with XYZ Ministry, and putting two and two together he believes this is where Sandra and Steve had their identities stolen since they are members. 

The attorney makes a call to XYZ Ministry and speaks with a senior pastor. He confirms the Church had some fraud committed against it and some of its members may have had their identity stolen. 

The attorney quickly advises Sandra and Craig that the Church is likely responsible and that they must file a suit to recover their expenses associated with their identity theft. The attorney tells the couple XYZ Ministries  probably has insurance for this sort of thing so they won’t be hurting the Church. 

The next day a lawsuit is served to XYZ Ministry. 

Church Insurance Kissimmee Florida — Will Their Business Insurance Policy Pay? 

XYZ Ministry contacts their insurance provider to determine if they will defend the lawsuit against them. 

Just as their business insurance policy would not reimburse XYZ Ministry for their losses, neither will their insurance provider defend or provide money for settlements to Sandra and Craig because of the damage they sustained. 

Unfortunately General Liability Insurance does not cover third party claims, which means XYZ Ministries will have to find a way to pay their legal fees out-of-pocket including any judgments assessed against them. 

As was stated in a previous article, if XYZ had purchased something called a Crime Endorsement, they may have been covered for loss due to Electronic Theft, Computer Fraud, or Telecommunications Fraud for money fraudulently taken from their personal business accounts. 

Would this coverage have provided benefit to members of XYZ Ministry who had their identity stolen? 

No it would not. 

A different type of policy would be necessary to protect the Church from third-party claims due to identity theft.  We will discuss that in our next article. 

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