Q: Is our church committee & Deacons covered under D&O?

A: There would be coverage under the D&O, if the directors or officers are appointed or elected and authorized with the responsibility to manage and/ or direct the affairs of the church, while acting solely and exclusively in their capacity for the church. Thus, if they are not a separate group of the church with a different corporation number, and working under the direction of the church, they should have coverage under the D&O.

Q: Another church wants to use space in the church we insured, for church services once a week, what should the church do?

A: The church will need a certificate of liability naming our church as an additional insured.

Q: Is there coverage under Work comp for the wife of an individual who is paid by the church to clean the church, if she helps him and sustains injured?

A: There is no coverage under the work comp for the wife, if she is not paid by the church, however, if she volunteers to clean, and sustains an injury, there might be coverage under the med pay, the liability part of the policy.

Q: Why has our policy premium increased?

A: Florida has taken a rate increase. Everyone’s policy premium has increased.

Q: When can I expect the certificate of insurance that I requested?

A: We will make sure you receive it once we receive approval from underwriting.

Q: Can we rent our church van to other churches?

A: No. The company has underwritten the policy based on the information that you provided at the time of application and therefore the rental is not anticipated in the rating or the policy.

Q: Can we use our van to help other churches or groups and just charge a fee?

A: This is not an a visible practice. If you are charging a fee you would be considered livery and could fall under the common carrier laws and be required to have special licenses and permits. If you wanted to help another organization, give them a donation and help them rent the vehicle they need to support their event.

Q: Is social media really that important for my church, private/charter school or nonprofit organization?

A: A thousand times YES!!! Whether or not you think your church, business or organization needs social media outlets, your customers are connected via social media in some way, shape or form. Social media is VITAL to connecting with them!

Q: Social media overwhelms me. I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! Contact us and we’ll get you started! It really is simple once you understand it, and we’re happy to provide the assistance you need to navigate the process!

Q: We have a small church, can we get health insurance for our staff?

A: Yes, depending on your needs we can offer individual plans or plans that are tailored for small groups.

Q: Do you offer Dental & Vision plans?

A: Yes, we offer dental & vision plans as stand-alone plans or as an option with your health insurance.

Q: I would like life insurance, can you help?

A: We have several options available. Call Joe Kelley (Life & Benefits Manager) to discuss the different options for you.

Q: Our church group is going on a mission’s trip to Mexico. Is there insurance to protect us on this trip?

A: We do have trip insurance available to cover an individual or a group on your trip to anywhere in the world. To obtain a quote you can call Joe Kelley.

Q: How quickly can I expect a quote for insurance?

A: If you are requesting individual coverage we can have a quote back to you within 24-48 hours. If you are requesting group insurance it can take 72 hours depending on the size of your group. We will do everything possible to get you a quote in a timely manner.

Specialized Coverage For:

Religious Institutions

Insurance for Churches and Religious Institutions

Strong Tower Insurance proudly offers solutions for Florida Church Insurance and Insurance for Religious Institutions. Call 800-329-0093 or click for more details.

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Mission Trip Coverage

Insurance Coverage for Mission Trips

Taking part in a mission trip is a generous and noble act. You are reaching out to people in need with the intention of improving a stranger’s life. Learn how mission trip insurance policies can protect you. Visit our page to learn more.

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Charter & Private Schools

Insurance for Charter and Private Schools

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach is not necessarily a good idea when it comes to considering all possible areas where Private Schools may be vulnerable to litigation or claims. Click here to see how we can help.

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Pregnancy Centers

Insurance for Pregnancy Centers

As a pregnancy center, it is your job to help women receive the care and guidance they need in order to have a healthy birth plan. Learn why your pregnancy center must have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your organiazation

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Nonprofit Organizations

Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations help our communities prosper and it is vital to obtain the appropriate insurance protection. Learn more by clicking our link.

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Daycare Centers

Insurance for Daycare Centers

Not all Day Care insurance policies are created equal. Call to speak with one of our licensed agents and we can design a plan around your needs.

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