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Atlanta Ga Cyber Liability Insurance – Be Prepared!

Cyber Liability Insurance Atlanta Ga

As business in the state of Georgia continues to be conducted online more and more commonly, and as businesses continue to digitize more and more aspects of their operations, it can be expected that they will also see an increase in data breaches, hacking attacks, and other cyber threats.

If you want to be prepared for these relatively new threats to your business, contact us today about Cyber Liability Insurance in Atlanta Georgia.

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Cyber Liability Insurance Atlanta – Recap of Our Previous Article

In our last article, which was part 25 of an ongoing series about the origins and exploits of infamous hacker and cybercriminal Crypto X, we began to explain just how, exactly, Crypto X wound up with an apartment full of koala bear merchandise.

To recap, Crypto X had stolen several lists of credit card numbers and other sensitive information. In order to cover his tracks, he tasked numerous unwitting accomplices with using the credit card info to purchase electronics of various sorts, using his video game addicts charity as a front.

The intention was to then resell the electronics for cash, but there was a shipping error that hindered his plans.

What was the error? Let’s find out.

Atlanta Ga Cyber Liability Coverage – Who Is Crypto X? Part 26

One day, Crypto X expected a shipment of televisions and computers to arrive, the biggest single shipment of all the electronics purchases he and his minions had made.

A cargo truck did arrive, and it did contain a large shipment, but it was not what Crypto X was expecting.

It wasn’t until every box had been unloaded and the truck was long gone before Crypto X realized what had happened.

He broke into a few of the boxes. Every one of them contained koala bear stuffed animals, koala bear t-shirts, or some other kind of koala bear merchandise or memorabilia.

He didn’t dare call the company or lodge a complaint of any kind, lest he draw unwanted attention to himself. He had no choice but to carry all the boxes into his apartment and try to see if he could resell the koala products.

So, that explains where the koala bear toys came from, but what about his cover story that he runs the number 1 koala enthusiasts website? How did he come up with this fictitious account to convince Olga that he was, in fact, the operator of the website?

We will begin to answer those questions next time in part 27.

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