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If you are looking for Cyber Liability Insurance in South Carolina then your search is over. 

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South Carolina Cyber Liability Insurance – Crypto X Strikes Again!

In a previous series of articles we followed the fictitious story of a hacker who goes by the moniker Crypto X in order to illustrate the dangers to any type of Business, Nonprofit, or Religious Institution that is not protected by Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage. Today we begin a new chapter in the Crypto X story as he moves on to fresh territory.

The Story of Crypto X Continues…

After the hacker known as Crypto X wreaked financial havoc on a new age church in Florida called XYZ Ministries, the FBI is hot on the trail of the now-infamous cybercriminal.

Knowing he won’t be able to target companies in Florida as easily anymore, Crypto X decides to shift his focus to companies in other states. This time he has his eyes set on South Carolina.

After doing some research he found a large non-denominational ministry called New Disciples
Ministries, suspecting that it will be ill-prepared for a breach.

Now that he had found his target he drafts an email, posing as a USPS employee inquiring about a parcel delivery. The attached malware appears as a simple zipped file that, when downloaded, will allow him to gain access to New Disciples Ministries’ computer just like he has done many times before.

Gaining access is the first step in Crypto X’s method to siphon off assets, collect member’s data to resell on the dark web and otherwise fill his pockets with pirated loot.

Crypto X quickly discovers all available email accounts for New Disciples Ministries and plans to send out emails every day.  He doesn’t have to wait long, though, because he gets a fish to bite on the very first day.

Below is an example of an email he sent:

In the email subject line: USPS Priority Parcels


USPS courier was unable to contact you for your parcel delivery. Please check the attachment for details!

Many thanks,

Julian Egnassa, USPS Chief Station Manager

Mary, the Church secretary, receives this email Monday morning. She thought they were looking for a package so she clicks on the email.

As Mary downloads the attachment, undetectable malware is released into Mary’s computer, infecting the entire network.

While it is true that New Disciples Ministries has the most updated malware and antivirus software, and it is updated regularly, this particular malware is new and unknown, and therefore slips right through the church’s malware antivirus software.

Unbeknownst to Mary she has just opened up the door to Crypto X…

Find out what happens after the attachment is opened in our next article!

South Carolina Cyber Liability Insurance – It’s a Must-Have to Protect Yourself Financially!

Cyber Liability Insurance is an increasingly vital type of Digital Liability Protection for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Churches.

You will find no better place to help you obtain South Carolina Cyber Liability Insurance than Strong Tower Insurance.

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