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South Carolina Cyber Liability Insurance – Time for a Review!

In our last article we promised a recap of each kind of Cyber Liability Insurance highlighted in our fictional series following the hacker Crypto X and his cyber-attack on a large New Age Christian Ministry.

In each segment of the series we discussed a separate aspect of Cyber Liability Insurance as it relates to the story. Let’s now take a look at those types of coverage.

Electronic Theft, Computer Fraud, and Telecommunications Fraud Endorsement

The technical name of the type of crime Crypto X committed is called Computer Fraud. We learned in the article entitled Church Insurance Winter Haven Florida that Computer Fraud is not covered by a standard business insurance policy.

In order to be covered financially for losses due to computer fraud, electronic theft, or telecommunications fraud, it is necessary to purchase an endorsement to your coverage.

Here is an excerpt from an example of such a policy endorsement:

We shall indemnify you for your monetary loss… sustained from electronic theft, computer fraud, or telecommunications fraud, which occurs on your computer network and arises from a security event sustained by you…

In addition to covering Computer Fraud this endorsement covers Electronic Theft and Telecommunications Fraud, which are also risks for many businesses in the digital age.

Electronic Theft is defined by one policy as “1. The transfer, alteration, corruption, or theft of your intangible asset, and/or 2. The disclosure, duplication, or theft of your intangible asset to a person or entities who are not authorized to receive it.”

Telecommunications fraud means “an intentional, malicious or willful act that results in the misuse or unauthorized access of your telecommunication system by a third party.”

In order to be protected financially in the event that your business is the victim of any of these types of cyber-attacks, this endorsement is vitally important.

How Cyber Liability Insurance Protects Your Customers When You Suffer a Hack or Breach

When a business suffers a cyber-attack the damage is rarely limited only to that one company. It often results in a trickle-down effect.

In many cases, third parties such as business partners, customers of the compromised company, and even Church Members (in the case of our fictitious XYZ Ministries) can also be significantly affected by the breach, both financially and otherwise.

For example, if a client of your business has their identity stolen as a result of the cyber-attack they may choose to sue your company, Nonprofit, or even your Church for damages. The costs of such litigation and any claims or judgments would not be covered under a typical business liability insurance policy.

In order to be protected financially from third party claims due to cyber-criminal activity, it is vital that your business has Cyber Liability Insurance.

South Carolina Cyber Liability Insurance – Important Protections for Your Company or Organization Are Just One Call or Click Away!

When do you think would be the worst time to learn your business policy will not cover a cyber-attack?

Right after you are hit by cyber criminals!  Unfortunately by that time it’s too late. It is not possible to purchase a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy in South Carolina after the fact.

Cybercrime is the fastest growing type of criminal activity today and it is a type of event few companies are prepared for.

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