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The ability for criminals – no matter if they are part of a syndicate or act as individuals – to cause catastrophic financial damage to your business by means of a Cyber Attack is greater than almost any threat your company faces today. Did you know that?

For this reason business owners both large and small are investing in Cyber Liability Insurance.

If you are specifically looking for Cyber Liability Insurance in Florida you have most certainly found the right website!

Strong Tower Insurance offers Cyber Liability Insurance in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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How BIG is the Threat from Cyber Attacks?

BIG, and growing by double digits each year. If you are a criminal, what is safer and more profitable?

  • Sticking up a bank or convenience store risking confrontations with police or citizens who may be armed and willing to shoot the armed robber dead?


  • Sitting in the comfort of your criminal den pushing buttons, releasing malware and viruses, selling stolen credit cards or social security numbers and collecting cash?

Studies completed by the Ponemon Institute shows average annual losses to companies worldwide now exceed $7.7 million from Cyber Crime.

Could your business absorb a loss of nearly $8 million dollars right now and survive?

Most could not and that is why both large and small businesses are purchasing Cyber Liability Insurance.

General Liability Insurance Offers ZERO Protection for Cyber Attacks.

Some business owners assume their General Liability Insurance Policy or Umbrella Policy will pay for a Cyber Attack, especially third party claims against your business when it was determined that your business was a gateway for Cyber Theft initiated against your customers when servers or computers owned, leased, or managed by your company were breached leading to the theft of sensitive customer data.

Not so. General liability Insurance extends coverage for your business against claims and lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage for which you are found to be responsible.

Example 1: An employee accidently causes an injury to a customer at your place of business leading to a $100,000 judgement — General Liability Insurance will cover this claim as long as the employee activity leading to the injured employee was not an excluded event.

Example 2: To save money you hire a college student to set up a server for your car dealership business where you keep customer information including social security numbers, addresses, and dates of birth. An amateur hacker easily defeats the simple firewall to your server, allowing over 50,000 customer records to be stolen. The FBI investigates a trail leading to your business as the gateway for the theft. 

A class action lawsuit is filed against your dealership for $50 million dollars. Your insurance company advises you in writing that no coverage is available under your General liability Insurance Policy for Cyber Crime and they take you to court to obtain a declaratory judgement against your company to avoid defending the class action suit filed against your dealership.

Cyber Liability Insurance Florida Could Save Your Company from Financial Ruin!

Despite taking what you believe are sound safety procedures for computer security you may find your company’s data stolen.

A breach in your computers or server(s) can lead to a large number of third party claims and lawsuits against your company placing your business in financial peril.

A data breach is only one type of Cyber Crime you must guard against. We created a special website that ONLY focuses on Cyber Liability. It is a great resource to learn more about this important insurance protection and includes new techniques Cyber Criminals are making use of to steal or wreak financial havoc on companies both large and small. You can visit that site here:

Don’t take the chance. Contact Strong Tower Insurance today by calling 800-329-0093.

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