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Church Insurance Tarpon Springs Florida — What Policy Form Did You Purchase?

Church Insurance Tarpon Springs FloridaAs you are shopping for Church Insurance in Tarpon Springs Florida you should consider working with Strong Tower Insurance!

We offer very competitive pricing and coverage options for Church Insurance in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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What specific policy form did you purchase for your Church?   And why is that question important?

We will examine this in more detail in this post.

Church Insurance Tarpon Springs Florida — Water Damage, Covered or Not Covered Part 2?

A Business Insurance policy insuring for profit companies and religion institutions may include Liability plus Property Coverage.  Property Coverage may include coverage for owned or leased buildings if required by the landlord, and Business Personal Property.

Business Personal Property business property you own that includes but is not limited to furniture, computers, copy machines, fax machines, office supplies, and inventory if you sell a product to customers. I.e. if you sell clothes, your clothing inventory can be included in your Business Personal Property if you so desire.

As we discussed in a previous post for Business Personal Property, there are three different levels of coverage that include: Basic, Broad, and the Special Coverage Form.

It’s vitally important to determine what policy form you purchased, as this will determine your claim outcome.

The Basic Coverage Form delivers the best pricing — but provides the least amount of insurance protection.

When a client chooses the Basic Coverage Form they need to be keenly aware of the limitations of coverage. There could be significant out-of-pocket expenses incurred when a claim event occurs that falls outside of the perils that are listed.

The Basic Coverage Form outlines what is covered by the policy and anything that falls outside of what is listed as was mentioned above would not be covered.

Let’s now revisit our fictitious claim scenario. Momentous Heavenly Visions Church.

Momentous Heavenly Visions Church, a popular New Age Mega Church with 6000+ members decided to expand their building because of their increasing membership base.  Once construction was complete their first service was scheduled on the last Sunday in October.

However, five days prior, at around 3 am in the morning, the sprinkler system malfunctioned causing a significant amount of water to discharge throughout the building causing extensive water damage.

The Church is forced to postpone their grand opening service to much disappointment from members who planned to attend.

A claim is submitted to their insurance company on Sunday using their 24 hour claim reporting line and a claims adjustor named Stanley Write meets the staff the next morning.

Stanley arrives at around 8:00 am and completes his claims evaluation and soon after meets with Pastor Joe, the head of Momentous Heavenly Visions Church, to discuss the results.

Let’s now learn if coverage applies under the Basic Coverage Form.

After greeting Pastor Joe and chatting for a few moments Stanley gets down to business.

“Pastor Joe, I have finished up my evaluation of your claim and based on the policy form you purchased it does look like your claim will be covered, so that’s the good news.”

“But, I’m a little concerned about the coverage form you purchased.”  Stanley goes on to explain his concern with Pastor Joe that we will continue in our next post Church Insurance New Port Richey.

Church Insurance Tarpon Springs Florida — You Can Trust Strong Tower Insurance.

When you need better options on Church Insurance in Tarpon Springs Florida or the surrounding areas you can trust the agents of Strong Tower Insurance!

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