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Church Insurance Pinellas Park Florida — Coverage or Price Which is More Important?

Church Insurance Pinellas Park FloridaAs you are searching for Church Insurance in Pinellas Park Florida or the surrounding areas there is one very important question you should consider.

What is more important to you?  Price or coverage?

If you believe price is more important you may be in for a big surprise when you have a claim!

Those who focus exclusively on price may have important coverage missing from their overall insurance protection.

In contrast those who are more concerned about their coverage will take time to explore all of their available options.

The agents of Strong Tower Insurance stand ready to help those in need of Florida Church Insurance to make the decision they feel is best for their needs.

Please call our office by dialing 1-800-329-0093 Monday – Friday or use our online request system by making use of links you see directly below.

Church Insurance Pinellas Park Florida — Water Damage, Covered or Not Covered Part 5?

In our last post you can read by clicking Town N Country Florida Church Insurance we find a claims adjustor named Stanley meeting with Pastor Joe.  A malfunctioning sprinkler system was the reason for Stanley’s visit to Momentous Heavenly Visions Church.

Stanley was concerned that Pastor Joe had not purchased the correct coverage form for his Church so he nonchalantly asked if he had spoken to his agent about the different types of coverage forms.

Pastor Joe did not answer Stanley’s question right away instead he wanted to know why he had been dropped by his previous insurance company since his previous agent didn’t provide a satisfactory answer to that same question.

Stanley begins to answer Pastor Joe’s question, “Well I’m not sure of the exact reason for your policy being canceled Pastor Joe, and insurance is meant to pay for claims that occur but here is the one element about insurance that is sometimes confusing to policyholders.”

Stanley continues, “Please remember I adjust claims Pastor Joe, underwriting is not my primary job, however this is what I have come to learn about the underwriting process.”

“Before an insurance policy can be issued by an insurance company, a customer must meet certain underwriting criteria, for instance when you first bought the policy you had prior to our company, did you have any existing claims on your insurance record?” Stan asks.

Pastor Joe thinks for a moment, “No I don’t believe we did.”

“So,” Stanley continues, “based on those circumstances you probably were offered a very good rate for the insurance that you purchased at least initially, however when the circumstances change for a customer account for example — claims are filed and paid by the insurance company, the conditions from an underwriting standpoint change, leading the insurance company to either raise rates or cancel the policy.”

“Insurance companies base their rating on the initial circumstances of the account so if there were no claims, the policy was rated based on those facts, it’s when the facts change that insurance companies take underwriting action, either a rate increase or cancellation.”

Stanley concludes, “that is likely what happened in your situation, the claims that were filed exceeded your previous insurance companies underwriting criteria and for this reason your previous insurer canceled your policy.”

“Well I suppose that makes sense on one hand, thank you for giving that answer, I wish that was conveyed to me by my old agent, now to answer your original question Stanley…”

We will consider this in our next post.

Church Insurance Pinellas Park Florida — We are a Name You Can Trust.

As you are shopping for Church Insurance in Pinellas Park Florida or the surrounding parts Strong Tower Insurance is a name you can trust.

Our agents are great listeners and we want to help you find what you need.

Why not call us right now by dialing 1-800-329-0093?  Our license agents are available through the normal work week, Monday – Friday until 5 PM.

If you find our company after hours or on the weekend there is one additional way that you can reach out to our company for additional information.  Please use our online request system by choosing one of the links directly below that is closest to your actual property address:

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