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We at Strong Tower Insurance offer comprehensive and customizable insurance solutions for your ministry.

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Church Insurance Lakeland Fl — A Variety of Available Options, Not All Are the Same.

When choosing a plan to protect your ministry, it’s valuable to learn what you may need and how the various coverage options protect you.

In this article we will begin our conversation discussing some of the basics of Commercial Insurance. 

It’s also good to keep in mind that not all Florid Church Insurance Policies are identical. 

Some companies offering Florida Church Insurance may offer wide-ranging coverage options versus a carrier that offers only basic coverage — this may be acceptable for some, but not sufficient for other Churches.

One of the benefits of working with Strong Tower Insurance is that we can find both basic and comprehensive insurance solutions to protect your ministry — the choice is really yours on what route you wish to take.

Also keep in mind one other variation —A Florida Church Insurance policy providing property coverage on Church owned buildings and property may differ in some aspects from one that is available for purchase, for instance, in other states without a coastal exposure.

Property coverage is more limited in Florida versus other states not prone to catastrophic hurricane damage.

Dependent on how close your Church is located to the water will dictate whether or not you can purchase property coverage from a standard insurance carrier versus purchasing through Citizens Insurance of Florida to protect your buildings from wind damage.

If you are seeking property quotes for the first time with our company we will advise you whether or not coverage is available in the area in which your Church buildings are located.

Let’s now get started with some of the basics.

Church Insurance Lakeland Fl — The Basics.

A Commercial Insurance Plan may include:

General Liability This offers protection for bodily injury and property damage and could include coverage for personal and advertising injury.

Example: A parishioner is injured on their way out after attending services when they trip and fall because of damaged tile in the entranceway of the Church.  The parishioner breaks her collarbone and sustained a concussion and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.  The resulting medical expenses, loss of wages from her employment, including pain-and-suffering amount to $31,719. 

Commercial Automobile Liability – Offers protection for bodily injury and property damage that you are legally liable to pay in addition to optional coverage for physical damage, medical payments, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  Physical damage protection is broken down into collision, comprehensive, or specified causes of loss.

Example: A Church bus is involved in an accident transporting members to a local sport event sponsored by the Church. The driver of the bus misjudged the speed of an oncoming truck as he was making a left turn and the truck driver was unable to avoid colliding with the Church bus, totaling the truck and injuring several of the passengers on the bus. In addition the truck driver was seriously injured. 

The passengers of the Church bus plus the owner of the truck are paid for their injuries and the truck driver receives compensation for his totaled.

We will continue our discussion in the next post: Church Insurance Winter Haven Florida.

Church Insurance Lakeland Fl — Call Strong Tower Today!

When you are looking for better pricing or coverage for Church Insurance in Lakeland Florida the best number to call is 1-800-329-0093.

Our agents can help you find the insurance options suited to your individual needs.

If you find our website after normal business hours or it is more convenient please send a request for quotes and information by chosing one of the below links.

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