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Church Insurance Florida - Church bus parked outside white churchIf you are looking for Church Insurance in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina contact Strong Tower insurance by dialing 1-800-329-0093 to speak with one of our Business Insurance Agents Monday through Friday 9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 4:30 PM EST.

We offer comprehensive insurance protection and solutions for a variety of different religious institutions in our territory including the following types of coverage for your Church:

  • Property Coverage for Buildings & Business Property
  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Florida Mission Trip Insurance
  • Florida Workers Compensation for Church Employees
  • Professional Liability Insurance for Churches in Florida
  • Employee Benefits and Group Health Insurance
  • Church Bus Insurance Florida
  • Cyber Liability and Data Breach Insurance
  • Insurance for Child Care
  • Umbrella Liability Coverages
  • And Much More

If you find our website after normal business hours please click one of the below links to request information on our Ministry Insurance Program based on your state:

Why Choose Us to Insure Your Religious Institution?

Because we focus in Insuring Religious Institutions we represent some of the Best Church Insurance Companies in Florida.

While it is true that any licensed insurance agent can sell a Florida Church Insurance Policy, insuring a Church or Ministry is more complicated compared to insuring an Auto Repair Shop, Restaurant, or a Florist.

Serving the religious needs of congregation members can sometimes require pastoral counsel, and outreach programs that may have unintended consequences. 

What if after providing such counsel, or outreach services to a Congregation member or anyone for that matter that seeks help results in some type of alleged emotional or physical harm to others? Or let’s assume a suicide occurs and the Church comes to be blamed for such actions?

That Congregation could be found legally liable by a court of law resulting in a significant judgment against the church for the Minister’s or other counselor’s alleged negligent assistance no matter if it is true or not.

Did you know the General Liability Insurance Policy automatically excludes this type of activity?

So not only would the Church need to hire legal counsel without the backing of their insurance provider, any judgments assessed against the Congregation would need to be paid directly by the Church.

Only a Professional Liability Insurance Policy could provide benefit in this instance —paying for an attorney and judgments assessed against the Religious Institution up to the available policy limits selected by the Congregation.

The Auto Repair Shop, Restaurant, or Florist would likely have no need for Professional Liability Insurance, yet the Religious Institution likely needs this unique coverage.

An insurance broker not trained in offering Insurance for Churches in Florida may not have the knowledge necessary to protect your Religious Institution and miss coverage necessary to protect you financially.

For this reason it’s vital to work with a licensed agent, as we can customize your overall insurance coverage to meet your Congregation’s unique needs.

Church Insurance Florida — One Size Does Not Fit All.

Each Church or Ministry may have unique needs when it comes to developing your overall insurance program.

There are many different options for Church Insurance that may be necessary for one Church but not another. For instance, custom coverage might be necessary to protect your Congregation from alleged actions that happened many years in the past.

What would happen if critical coverage is missing from your overall insurance plan and losses results requiring your Church to pay the claim directly?

Un-reimbursed losses could make it necessary for cutbacks to your outreach programs, sell buildings or property that are owned by your Church — Or worse, your congregation could be permanently displaced or shut down!

For this reason it’s vital to work with Strong Tower Insurance as we can customize your overall insurance coverage to meet your Congregation’s unique needs.

Contact Strong Tower for Church Insurance in Florida Today!

Strong Tower Insurance is one of the top independent agencies offering Church Insurance in Florida. We serve the insurance needs of both large and small Congregations.

Call 1-800-329-0093 to speak with one of our Insurance Agents Monday through Friday 9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 4:30 PM EST or if you find our website after hours click on your state below:

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Specialized Coverage For:

Religious Institutions

Insurance for Churches and Religious Institutions

Strong Tower Insurance proudly offers solutions for Florida Church Insurance and Insurance for Religious Institutions. Call 800-329-0093 or click for more details.

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Charter & Private Schools

Insurance for Charter and Private Schools

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Pregnancy Centers

Insurance for Pregnancy Centers

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Daycare Centers

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