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Florida Business Insurance - Female small business owner holding up an Open signIf you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable independent insurance agency, contact Strong Tower Insurance at 1-800-329-0093

Our agents can help you find affordable Business Insurance in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for a number of companies including Religious Institutions, Nonprofits, Charter & Private Schools, Day Cares, Pregnancy Centers, and much more.

If you need Church Insurance in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina we are the leader in insuring religious institutions and Mission Trips. 

Additionally, we also offer Insurance for Nonprofits in Florida, Business Insurance for Charter Schools in Florida, Pregnancy Centers, and much more. 

Founded in 1975, we set ourselves apart from other Florida insurance agencies by offering quality service for our valued clients. We take pride in creating long standing relationships with each client insured with our company. 

Additionally we will tailor your Florida Business Insurance Policies to meet your specific need for insurance protection for your religious institution, nonprofit organization, school, or large or small business. 

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Florida Business Insurance – We Look at the Big Picture. 

Your Business Insurance is more than a simple promise on a piece of paper; it is a very important and necessary safety measure to protect your enterprise from unknown hazards. 

Looking at the big picture helps you to see what might be missing. However you need to be cautious about propagandistic ideas promoted by certain insurers. 

You might be familiar with this expression: A picture is worth a thousand words. 

While it is true that pictures can simplify complex ideas, certain insurance companies have fully embraced TV advertising with a subtle but effective message: 

Insurance can be compared by the price you pay.

Insurance commercials advertise this concept endlessly and you cannot escape their 24/7 message. Regrettably, this message has invaded the minds of those who own or manage For-Profit Enterprises as well as Religious Institutions, Non-profits, and Private and Charter Schools. 

But is it so wrong to compare business insurance purely by the price you pay? It would be possible to treat business insurance as a commodity if: 

  • Insurance policies were all identical
  • The claims-paying reputation of the company is equal to all others
  • The advice given by company representatives is the same
  • Service after coverage is purchased is indistinguishable between company representatives

Florida Business Insurance – Why is it Difficult to Compare on Price?

The problem for insurance buyers is that insurance policies are not identical. some companies have a better claims reputation than others, bad advice or lack of advice by company representatives can lead to huge gaps in insurance protection, and a common complaint by insurance buyers is poor service from those whom they purchase insurance.

It certainly would not be a wise idea to make a purchasing decision on your business insurance merely on price because you might be comparing an apple and an orange. 

For example: Did you know that insurance companies are not required to cover everything equally? 

In other words you can have the same liability limits, the same property coverage, and yet the claim result can be different simply because of differences in conditions between insurance policies. 

Differences in conditions simply mean that the legal language contained within the insuring agreement can be different. 

I.e. what is covered by one insurance company may be excluded by another. 

Click on a post titled: Non Profit Insurance Florida to see how the legal language with one company can be different from another. 

Church Insurance Florida – Price Should Only Be One Factor. 

If you are shopping for Church Insurance in Florida, would you not want the best possible price for the insurance protection that you buy? Of course; who wants to pay more? 

Business insurance is an expense like salaries, mortgage payments or rent, and healthcare… if you can reduce it, you are a smart business manager. But is that always so? 

What happens if coverage is reduced for the sake of a small decrease in premium and a catastrophic claim occurs where there is limited or no coverage available to cover the loss? 

This is what we call a reality check, one that unfortunately could lead to employee layoffs or even the closure of the Church, Nonprofit Organization, or For-Profit Business Enterprise. 

As an experienced insurance agency, our approach is different from our peers. 

We want to look at the big picture, we want to discuss worst-case scenarios so that you can be prepared if those events actually occur. 

It’s too late after the claim occurs to add the coverage you need.  A better approach is to add the coverage you need before the claim happens so you can safeguard your enterprise. Does that make sense? 

However we do not want to convey the impression that you should overpay for the insurance you need. There are certain steps you can take to reduce your expenses for Florida Business Insurance that will not necessarily compromise your ability to safeguard your future. 

The agents with Strong Tower Insurance will help you take steps to acquire the coverage you desire with a price that is fair and reasonable for the insurance we recommend. 

Price should only be one factor in your decision making process when shopping for Church Insurance in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina. 

Church Insurance Florida – Call Us Right Now to See How We Can Help!

Strong Tower Insurance is one of the leading agencies offering Church Insurance in Florida, plus solutions for Nonprofits, Charter & Private Schools, Day Cares, Pregnancy Centers, and much more. 

We will help you develop a sound, conservative insurance plan to protect your organization. 

Call 1-800-329-0093 to speak with one of our agents or, if you find this website after hours, use our online system by clicking on any of the links that you see below: 

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Specialized Coverage For:

Religious Institutions

Insurance for Churches and Religious Institutions

Strong Tower Insurance proudly offers solutions for Florida Church Insurance and Insurance for Religious Institutions. Call 800-329-0093 or click for more details.

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Mission Trip Coverage

Insurance Coverage for Mission Trips

Taking part in a mission trip is a generous and noble act. You are reaching out to people in need with the intention of improving a stranger’s life. Learn how mission trip insurance policies can protect you. Visit our page to learn more.

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Charter & Private Schools

Insurance for Charter and Private Schools

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach is not necessarily a good idea when it comes to considering all possible areas where Private Schools may be vulnerable to litigation or claims. Click here to see how we can help.

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Pregnancy Centers

Insurance for Pregnancy Centers

As a pregnancy center, it is your job to help women receive the care and guidance they need in order to have a healthy birth plan. Learn why your pregnancy center must have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your organiazation

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Nonprofit Organizations

Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

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Daycare Centers

Insurance for Daycare Centers

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